Nonviolent Family/Village Summerliving 2015 (FaVi 2015) @ Petersholm, Denmark

Duration and place: 8th – 18th of July.  At ‘Petersholm’ –The family farm of Andrea and Arne Mayoh Moreno in Denmark. -Max 45 participants of all ages. Pre-camp from 28th of june.

As a kind of foreplay to the International NVC Summerfestival July 2015 in Denmark, we are happy to invite you to participate in a ‘living it’ NVC event, where we try to ‘walk the talk’ and create an environment of conscious living together and ‘village making’ true to our values and intentions.. ..MORE..

Online registration ..Here..

  • Datoer 28. juni - 18. juli
  • Pris Pay-it-forward
  • Alder Alle
  • Tema NVC family living